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Complete Vertical Integration : ON SITE and IN SIGHT MATTERS.

Working with Isometric Micro Molding maximizes quality and reduces risk.

Isometric Micro Molding mitigates customer risk by providing excellence in precision by vertical integration and full control of the tooling, molding, assembly, automation and CT scanning processes- ALL right here on site and in sight.

With extremely accurate tolerances, handling a micro part multiple times can accumulate error, cause product damage, and/or contaminate devices and implants.  Many micro molders outsource some portion of a project outside of their company, including the tooling, automation, and metrology.  This creates risk of not only critical timelines and confidentiality, it creates risk of missing critical datum structures established to provide micron-level component or assembly tolerances. Managing each part of the process in-house allows us to maximize quality control, and to deliver the highest level of precision components and assemblies. With all of our services 100% in-house and within our control, we  maximize quality and mitigate risk.

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