Isometric Micro Molding


June, 2017

Medtronic Executive Joins Isometric

Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. announced today the hiring of Scott Robinson as Engineering Manager-Development. Mr. Robinson most recently served as a..


May, 2017

Tiny Medical Devices – Designing for Success

It’s highly likely that you, as a designer, will run across a part that makes your existing molding supplier sigh, cringe or even groan. It’s times..


April, 2017

Miniaturized medicine on the rise

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon (wait, yes it does) to understand the need for tiny devices that can maneuver in delicate tissue, tiny arteries, rigid..


March, 2017

Secrets of Success in Micro Molding – part 2

Micro Molding:

High Aspect Ratio, Thin-Wall Micro Molded DevicesThe smallest components in a medical device or drug delivery device are often times the..


February, 2017

Secrets of Success in Micro Molding – part 1

Medical-device, electronics, and biopharmaceutical manufacturers need new micro-molded products to create tinier, less invasive, and/or space-saving micro..


February, 2017

Proven Process for Extreme Precision Micro Devices and Implants

Isometric Micro Molding is the only micro molding company in the world with 4 in-house key capabilities for successful micro molding: Micro mold building,..


January, 2017

Isometric Companies Unveils Micro Molding Division

Isometric Companies, Inc., a privately held corporation today announced their new micro molding division, Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. With this new..


January, 2017

Why 100% Vertical Integration is Important for Micro Components and Assembliesour Blog Post Title Here...


Complete Vertical Integration : ON SITE and IN SIGHT MATTERS.

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