Isometric Micro Molding


November, 2017

Eye, Blood, and Joint Fluid Traveling Devices- Where Micro Molding Meets 3D Printing

It’s long been known that micro vs. macro physics have thwarted some efforts to create micro components and assemblies.  The study of Newtonian (fixed..


November, 2017

The four legs that drive MICRO success

The “four legs” that support Isometric Micro Molding are micro molds, micro injection molding, micro automation, and CT scanning.


October, 2017

What are the Biggest Micro Molding Challenges?

What are the challenges associated with micro molding? Listen to Donna Bibber, VP at Isometric Micro Molding explain in this informative video.


September, 2017

What is a Brain Perfusion Phantom?

A brain perfusion phantom is a 3D printed plastic brain that allows surgeons to practice mechanical thrombectomies. A mechanical thrombectomy is a..


September, 2017

Tiny Medical Devices - Designing for Success (part 2)


Picture this – your medical device is designed and you’re ready to validate the tiniest component – the technology piece that enables your..


September, 2017

Micro Expert to Speak at Upcoming Conference

Medtech notable Donna Bibber, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Isometric Micro Molding Inc., will be the keynote speaker at the medical..


August, 2017

Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery Conference 2017

Donna Bibber, VP of Business Development at Isometric Micro Molding, will be attending the   Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery   ..


August, 2017

Futuristic, State-Of-The-Art Micro Manufacturing

Devices that fit on the end of a common pin head sounds as futuristic as it gets, but micro molding technology is enabling new products and..


July, 2017

The Merging of Medical Device Manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical Industry

As product technology advances and the general demand for healthcare expands, the industry line between medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical..


July, 2017

Micro Scale Manufacturing

The big trend for small devices is carving inroads into drug delivery

One day in the late 1980s, Donna Bibber looked over the shoulder of a “mad..