Isometric Micro Molding


August, 2017

Futuristic, State-Of-The-Art Micro Manufacturing

Devices that fit on the end of a common pin head sounds as futuristic as it gets, but micro molding technology is enabling new products and..


July, 2017

The Merging of Medical Device Manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical Industry

As product technology advances and the general demand for healthcare expands, the industry line between medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical..


July, 2017

Micro Scale Manufacturing

The big trend for small devices is carving inroads into drug delivery

One day in the late 1980s, Donna Bibber looked over the shoulder of a “mad..


June, 2017

Medtronic Executive Joins Isometric

Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. announced today the hiring of Scott Robinson as Engineering Manager-Development. Mr. Robinson most recently served as a..


May, 2017

Tiny Medical Devices – Designing for Success

It’s highly likely that you, as a designer, will run across a part that makes your existing molding supplier sigh, cringe or even groan. It’s times..


April, 2017

Miniaturized medicine on the rise

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon (wait, yes it does) to understand the need for tiny devices that can maneuver in delicate tissue, tiny arteries, rigid..


March, 2017

Secrets of Success in Micro Molding – part 2

Micro Molding:

High Aspect Ratio, Thin-Wall Micro Molded DevicesThe smallest components in a medical device or drug delivery device are often times the..


February, 2017

Secrets of Success in Micro Molding – part 1

Medical-device, electronics, and biopharmaceutical manufacturers need new micro-molded products to create tinier, less invasive, and/or space-saving micro..


February, 2017

Proven Process for Extreme Precision Micro Devices and Implants

Isometric Micro Molding is the only micro molding company in the world with 4 in-house key capabilities for successful micro molding: Micro mold building,..


January, 2017

Isometric Companies Unveils Micro Molding Division

Isometric Companies, Inc., a privately held corporation today announced their new micro molding division, Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. With this new..