5 Steps to Micro Molding Success


OEMs seeking micro molding suppliers are often faced with responses like “proprietary”, “trade secrets”, “you can’t see that part of the process”.  This leaves a large gap in design history files, resulting in increased design and clinical trial resources and time, and in many cases a restart with another supplier.  This 3,000-word whitepaper provides a transparent and proven path for success in micro molding projects with Isometric Micro Molding. 

Thirty (30) years of experience in micro injection molding is rolled into Isometric Micro Molding’s 5-Step risk assessment strategy called “Microns Matter™”, used for the development and high-volume production of critical-to-function micro molded devices. 

Click here to download the Microns Matter™ guide to micro molding success.  isomicro.com/whitepaper/# or email our micro plastics engineers at engineering@isomicro.com to discuss your project.

Posted by Donna Bibber | February 05,2018 | Micro Molding, Drug Delivery Device, General